Collections en 3D

The collections in 3D

The objects of MAN in 3D

See the 3D models of the MAN : 

The 3D digitisation workshop of the MAN

The photography department of the National Archaeology Museum is involved in the 3D digitisation of the museum's collections. Digitisation sessions are regularly organised, in-house, to make 3D models of the major pieces in the collections of the MAN available to all.

    Les incontournables by archeonationale on Sketchfab

    The evolution of uses and the development of digital content

    The 3D digitisation workshop is in the direct tradition of the moulding workshop that has existed in the museum since its creation. It is simply a matter of adapting to the evolution of tools and numerous uses, such as 

    • making 3D models of objects too fragile to be handled available to researchers
    • the use of models for in situ and online mediation in the context of temporary exhibitions or for permanent collections,
    • to encourage new uses among the public and in particular among those who are prevented from or far away from it,
    • develop uses for the educational community in the context of artistic and cultural education,
    • develop new uses: 3D printing, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality,
    • meet the new needs of digital publishers (video games, publishing, education, applications) and digital animation studios;
    • contribute to the museum's image by broadcasting quality content on social networks.

    The France Collections 3D project

    The museum contributed to the project France Collections 3D run by l’Agence photographique de la Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais to enable the distribution of 3D models of a selection of major works of French heritage. See the objects digitised by the RMN-GP @FranceCollections

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