Domaine national

The gardens signed by André le Nôtre

Le Nôtre display his talent in Saint-Germain

At the beginning of the years 1660, the gardens of the royal residence are in poor condition for lack of maintenance. Louis XIV asks André Le Nôtre to restore them. As usual, the king gardener performes wonders! 




The Great Parterre

The view from the apartments in the Château Vieux extends over the great parterre as far as the eye can see. Today, these two parterres en broderie are surrounded by massifs of flowers, yew tree topiaries and perennials, and enclosed by a box tree border. The flowerbeds are planted with ornamental plants during the annual and biannual planting.



The Boulingrin

This garden is one of the first unconventional projects undertaken in the upper gardens of the Château Neuf at the request of Henrietta of England. The word Boulingrin is a Gallicisation of the English, “Bowling Green”, a flat, sunken area of lawn for playing bowls. It was soon turned into a pleasure garden, and was partially destroyed in 1764 when the King’s Walk was created.


1. Great Parterre and Aile of the Lodges from the windows of the Château-Vieux
2. Great Parterre


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